Service provided: Comprehensive consulting package (logo, menu & poster design, social media, operation management, website design & management.

Logo Design

Osio’s logo design aims to portray quality in food and service. Its curvature displays a mix of Korean and Japanese style cuisine.

Menu & Poster Design

Operational Management

Square, a point of sale software tool, was mainly utilized to implement a self-ordering system(QR code) throughout the restaurant. In addition, it allows various email marketing strategies and website design. By removing unreliable human factors, tipping percentage increased by 10%, and the business has been able to reduce labor costs.
Responding to Google reviews shows how much the entity pays attention to its customers, which shows its willingness to improve based on feedbacks. In six months, we have responded to more than 150 reviews and increased the rating from 4.2 to 4.6.
The business previously used Grubhub for delivery orders. Doordash has been added to drive more volumes and expand delivery radius. Such implementation increased the weekly sales by more than $800 on average.

Social Media

From posting contents to interacting with followers, we have actively managed the account. Food photography was done professionally to attract more attention and convey the quality of the menu more vividly.

Website Design & Management

The website was designed to support self-ordering system at the restaurant and pick-up orders. This was built with Square, which allows integration with DoorDash.