Service provided: Premium Branding, Website Design & Automation Guideline

Premium Branding

Create up to three sentences that describe your business.

Yeon provides a customized tutoring service and environment for students to achieve educational and professional life goals. Its focus is on building an ability to think proactively and answer what they believe to be the meaning behind their lives.

Decide up to three core values that represent your business.

Find an appropriate naming that align with your core values as well as the business description.

Yeon could mean relationship connected with strings. Yeon believes truthful education begins when you understand value of the relationship between people and concepts.
Branding concept of Yeon is inspired by a passionate study note. Your unique marks from yellow highlighter, scribbly lines, arrows, and hand-written notes help you to understand the relationship between the concepts that has been customized only for your study method. We seek to create interesting visual contrast between clean text from the book and scribbly annotation marks.

Come up with a branding concept that functions as a storyteller of your business.

Collect inspiration(s) and visual reference that could be applied when creating a logo as well as the business product.

Design creative and impactful logo(s) based on the work completed in previous steps.

Yeon logo visualizes the cursive form of “y” and thin yellow line is the reference from the scribbly notes.

Choose up to three types of typography that could deliver your message to your clients.

Choose up to three types of color palette that could help visualize your message and products to your clients.

Create a product example as a prototype to make your clients sneak peek your business product.

Website Design

The website was designed specifically to increase leads/conversion rates and display the quality that Yeon Education promotes.

Automation Guideline

The guideline aims to automate lead conversions via Zapier, which allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows. When leads book a consultation via Calendly, it automatically sends email to potential clients and the entity and saves their information in its database. This automation has been saving more than 100 hours and still counting.
The entity has now generated a TTM revenue of more than $200K within a year of starting its service with a high profit margin (16 work hours on average per week).